Saudi prohibits political, sectarian slogans during pilgrimage

THE Declaration of the 17th Conference of Foreign Ministers of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, held in the Kingdom of Jordan affirmed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s keenness on serving the Two Holy Mosques, and on provision of security, stability and calmness for the visitors of the Holy Cities according to a statement by The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Brunei Darussalam.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia further emphasised that the hosting of pilgrims and to facilitate their smooth movements require that the masses of pilgrims arriving from different parts of the world be organised; to ensure they enjoy the services provided by the relevant bodies in the kingdom, and that the kingdom would not allow the raising of political or sectarian slogans that would create chaos for other pilgrims and visitors, and that all Muslims should take into consideration the feelings of other brethren and the sacredness and spirituality of the holy place.

The declaration also affirms that all OIC member states would cooperate with the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in carrying out appropriate procedures and providing amenities for those coming to the Holy Cities.

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emphasised that Haj, Umrah and visits to the Holy Cities are acts of worship and rituals which all Muslims from different part of the world aspire to perform and that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to facilitate the performance of these worships with ease and peace of mind for all Muslims.

Consequently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enacted laws and punishments for those that cause chaos to pilgrims and visitors, or destabilise the performance of these two rituals.