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Saudi boy asks guests to ‘go straight home’ after eating

GULF NEWS – A video of a Saudi boy asking his father’s guests to go straight home after having their food because his mother spent long hours in the kitchen has gone viral.

The trending video was shared by the boy’s father, Ghazi Al Thiab, on his Twitter account and has since then been repeatedly shared by many users.

Bahar and his brothers were helping put the dishes on the dining table. Their father praised them for helping their mother.

Bahar asked his father, “Who is our guest?” And before his father could answer, one of the men said, “I am the guest.” The boy said, “Whoever the guest is, he is not welcome.”

His father asked him why. Bahar replied, “Because my mother has been in the kitchen since yesterday.” All the men then burst into laughter.

Social media users responded cheerfully taking what the boy said as a joke. They praised the boy for defending his mother and caring for her.

A tweep, using the handle @worded_woman, stated: “I can’t wait to have sons to defend me.”

The video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

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