Sarawakians want prosperity, better well-being for 2019

KUCHING (Bernama) – Sarawakians generally want to see an improvement in their economic status in 2019.

People interviewed by Bernama indicated this as their wish for the New Year.

One of them, Sim Choong Soo, 42, a real estate broker, said he really hoped that the state government administered by Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) will make more efforts to improve the lives of the people in the rural areas, such as by providing electricity and water supply.

“The roads in the rural areas should also be improved to enable the villagers to be connected to towns and urban areas. This will improve their quality of life.

“As far as I can see, people in the rural areas have potential in education, but they lack facilities such as roads linking their villages and towns,” he told Bernama yesterday.

Siti Azureen Zulkifli, 29, a contractor, said her wish for the new year was for the authorities to focus more on city planning here, especially the congestion faced by the people every day such as the lack of parking bays at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH).

“It’s also really stressful, especially during the peak hours when everyone is rushing to exit the hospital road. I really hope this matter can be solved by the authorities soon,” she said.

She also said that the Ministry of Health here should split some medical treatment to the Heart Centre in Kota Samarahan and this will reduce the traffic congestion on the road at SGH and in the hospital compound itself.

At present, the SGH is undergoing a redevelopment project at a cost of RM351 million, which is expected to be completed by 2021.