Saoirse Ronan warned about Hollywood

SAORISE Ronan was “warned” she would find it hard to get acting jobs when she turned 18.

The Mary Queen of Scots star – who found fame as a child – was told it would be trickier to find movies to star in as she got older because there is no “interesting” roles out there for young women.

She told Deadline, “For me I think it was a slightly different thing because I started when I was young, so there wasn’t that pressure. But one of the things that I did experience during my teenage years, and every female warned me, ‘When you get to about 18, the roles just stop and nothing comes in and there will be nothing interesting out there.’ And they were right.

“I definitely had a few years where I just didn’t work, really. I did little things, which was great. Or I took smaller parts, which I absolutely loved, and was so happy to do them.

“But, I made the decision to basically not work at all instead of taking something on that I didn’t believe in. Having said that, I was very lucky that I could do that because I was a kid and didn’t have bills to pay, or kids to look after, or any of that sort of stuff. But that was definitely something I experienced.” – BANG!