Sane says he won’t suffer if City lifts Euro Cup without him

AP – In a season shaken up by the pandemic, Leroy Sane took the decision to prioritise the next one.

Spurning the chance to resume the Champions League with Manchester City, the winger decided to take the first opportunity to launch the next stage in his career at Bayern Munich, with a five-year deal confirmed early July.

Had the coronavirus not intervened to prevent the season finishing in May, Sane could have tried to lift the European Cup with City before heading home to Germany.

“Obviously it was hard for me to say no to the Champions League – for everyone it is a dream to play in the Champions League,” Sane said on Thursday on a video call from Munich.

Missing the second leg of City’s last-16 game against Real Madrid next month, Sane is also ineligible for a Bayern side protecting a 3-0 advantage over Chelsea.

“If (City) win (the Champions League) then I’m happy for the club, for the team, for all my friends there,” Sane said. “But this was the way that I took. If it really happens, I don’t really think I will suffer a lot because I made the decision and nobody else.”