San Francisco firm unveils mobile parking app to help combat parking frustration

SAN FRANCISCO (Xinhua) – San Francisco-based mobility solution provider Parkimon Inc on Monday launched a shared parking app for mobile phones to help drivers find parking spaces in the city.

Drivers have long been grappling with the notorious headache of traffic congestions and limited parking resources at peak hour.

Parkimon said the app OrangeCone is a parking space sharing service that provides a platform to connect owners of unused parking spaces with drivers looking to park.

Home owners in buildings who are willing to rent out their driveways and unused parking spaces may register with OrangeCone, through which drivers can find their desired parking location on their smartphones.

“People spend hours searching for parking and causing congestion in nearly every municipality, especially during New Year’s celebrations,” said Asad Shah, Parkimon’s founder and CEO.

OrangeCone is the antidote to the chaos of parking today, bringing a new level of play to “curb management” in every city and nationwide, he added.

Parkimon said the rollout of OrangeCone aims to offer a better solution to the common problem of limited parking spaces around popular tourist destinations and events in San Francisco.

San Francisco, which has a population of over 884,000, was rated as the fifth-worst city in the world and third-worst in the United States in terms of congestion in 2017, according to a study conducted earlier this year.