Salvatore Ferragam defines ‘Metamodern’ for the new decade

AP/AFP – The new Salvatore Ferragamo collection had touches of femininity against a canvas created from six very masculine archetypes.

In one iteration, a softer Japanese surfer trouser combined with relaxed knitwear and lug-sole boots. Soft pastel shirts were worn with suits, some with trousers, some with Bermuda shorts and some with both, layered one over the other. A converted camera bag was carried firmly on one shoulder, like a purse, contrasting with more masculine duffel bags.

Ferragamo’s Creative Director Paul Andrew said he wanted to appeal to younger generations – while maintaining an awareness that the Ferragamo brand appeals to consumers of all ages. His archetypes: sailor, surfer, soldier, race car driver, biker and businessman.

“I feel like the way that millennials are dressing today, it’s much more about mixing these very classic archetypes of men,” Andrew said backstage after the show. “Some of them are masculine, some of them more at ease with their femininity and mixing it all together. There were tiny touches of feminine, a little bit in the colours.”

Andrew the collection, titled ‘Metamodern’, had taken a hard turn into the new decade, with a fresh direction, imbuing in menswear “the power held by clothing that is much more relished in womenswear.”