Saltwater crocodile believed to have devoured 14-year-old caught

KUCHING (BERNAMA) – A search and rescue (SAR) team yesterday caught a saltwater crocodile which is believed to have devoured a 14-year-old boy six days ago.

The 4.7-metre-long and 1.7-metre-wide reptile was then brought to land near Rumah Dadat, Tanjung Manis to obtain evidence of the incident.

According to Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department Assistant Director (Operations) Tiong Ling Hii, the crocodile was caught at 9.15am using chicken bait set up by the Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) in collaboration with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) and the police, about three kilometres from the jetty and near the location in which the victim was reported missing.

He said at 10am, the crocodile was lifted out of the water and split open in front of the police officer, the victim’s family and villagers. “Some clothes and several parts of a human body were found in the crocodile’s stomach,” he said.

On July 26, the victim known as Ricky Ganya, was attacked by a crocodile while looking for snails by the river in Rumah Dadat, Tanjung Manis.

Ricky’s aunt who witnessed the incident, said she saw a crocodile pulling the former into the water. Three days earlier, a longhouse resident was also attacked by a crocodile at Sungai Seduku, a tributary of Sungai Batang Lupar near the Tuntun Longhouse in Sri Aman.

In the incident, victim Kong Gindi, 47, was believed to have been pulled into the water by the crocodile while he and his friend, known as Saji Thomas, 52, were washing the former’s boat in the river.