Safety: The utmost priority

THOSE who work safely will live to see another day. This was the important message underscored by the establishment of a Safety Park at the SPARK Lumut Industrial Park, within the construction site of Brunei Fertilizer Industries (BFI) and thyssenkrupp’s new fertiliser production facility.

Safety has always been a top priority of thyssenkrupp, and this commitment applies to everyone involved in their projects – from employees to all sub-contractors.

For the Brunei Fertilizer Plant – one of thyssenkrupp’s biggest ongoing construction projects in Asia Pacific – thyssenkrupp ensures that the large number of people working onsite and coming into contact with moving machinery, working at heights or in confined spaces, or are lifting heavy materials and handling electrical tools, are doing so while wearing personal protective equipment.

The Safety Park takes a unique format in that all personnel go through simulations reflecting real-life hazardous situations and conditions.

The training covers eight key modules, each focussing on a different construction safety aspect: Crushed by Machinery Safety Simulator, Confined Space Training, Handrail and Scaffolding Collapse Simulator, Safety Harness Simulator, Safety Helmet/Boots Impact Simulator, Electrical Safety Simulator, Hoist Crane Experience and A-type Ladder Experience.

Workers try a simulator available at the park

All simulations are conducted with care and are done under the watchful eye of fully trained health and safety personnel.

Through this training, workers learn how to avoid these circumstances in an interactive, hands-on way.

All personnel related to the project are required to undergo this full safety training before they start work onsite.

The Safety Park is also reflective of thyssenkrupp’s clear commitment to safety. In the first month of 2019, the project has reached one million safe man-hours worked without incident, a testimony to effective training and management. During the project’s peak period, over 2,000 workers will be involved in the project, thus it is crucial that the company always remains focussed on providing a safe workplace.