Saddened to see elephant treatment

I AM Stephen Then, a senior writer working in Miri.

I was recently in Bandar Seri Begawan for an official function and on my way back to Miri, my entourage and I decided to drop by the elephant enclosure in Jerudong.

I was saddened to see the elephant’s condition.

The iron chain securing the elephant’s leg was so short it could not even walk around.

It had to stand on one spot only.

I heard that there were complaints from other visitors before about the treatment of the elephant. It seems this has been happening for some time.

Perhaps the authorities can build a bigger enclosure that is more secure and let the elephant roam around freely.

I hope the authorities will look into the plight of the elephant.

If they are not able to care for the elephant then they should set it free in the wilds or return it to its country of origin.

– Stephen Then