Saddened by local food importers’ struggles

I would like to respond to the letter, ‘Local food producers, importers need to work hand in hand’, in the Bulletin’s Opinion Page published on July 29.

It was saddened to learn that a local company that has been in business since 1999 is destined for bankruptcy if there’s no governmental intervention.

The government has been encouraging locals to be more enterprising, and locals are been responding in kind, which is why I find it imperative that more support is shown for local businesses.

I understand that food importing businesses have been hard hit due to the disruption to the Halal protocol procedure.

The imposition of lockdowns, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been keeping the authorities from sending inspectors to witness the slaughtering and the processing of food products.

Perhaps a temporary measure for this current global crisis, such as an alternative procedure to allow the slaughtering and processing of farm animals to proceed without compromising its ‘Halalness’?

I sincerely hope that the dilemma faced by these food importers could be averted amicably, so we the consumers will have more choices of products.

A Consumer