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Sabah woman fries egg using heatwave

ANN/THE STRAITS TIMES – For many, frying an egg on a pan indoors would likely take less than five minutes.

But one woman in Sabah in Malaysia decided to use the heat from the sun to fry an egg outdoors. The time she took? Over two hours.

The country is currently facing a heatwave that is expected to last until June, with temperatures in Negeri Sembilan state peaking at 38.4 degrees Celsius (˚C) on April 22.

In a Facebook post on May 12, Fatasha Nadia wrote that the temperature was 36˚C, and that she attempted to fry an egg.

She documented the process with specific timings and photos in the post.

At 1pm, Fatasha poured cooking oil on a pan under the sun. Ten minutes later, she cracked an egg on it.

At 1.20pm, the egg white appeared to begin to coagulate. Thirty minutes later, she noticed that the egg white and yolk seemed to take on a solid form.

Screenshots show the egg fried by Fatasha Nadia. PHOTO: THE STRAITS TIMES

By 2.15pm, the egg appeared to be solid and, 30 minutes later, she was close to getting a sunny-side-up outcome.

At 3.30pm, the egg looked like a fully cooked sunny-side-up version.

Her post, which has been shared more than 2,200 times, drew cheers from others.

Facebook user KatCheng Lim, who commented in Mandarin, tagged a friend in the post and said: “Let’s try this tomorrow.”

Last Thursday, the Malaysian Meteorological Department issued a Level 1 heat alert for seven states: Kedah, Kelantan, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah and Sarawak. The alert comes when the area experiences maximum temperature of between 35˚C and 37˚C for at least three consecutive days, according to the Malay Mail.

Fatasha is not the only one who has tapped the heat from the sun to fry an egg.

In April, a man in West Bengal, India also did the same, using a pan left on the terrace of his house.

India is also facing a heatwave, recording day temperatures surpassing 40˚C.

In Singapore, the temperature hit 37˚C in Ang Mo Kio on Saturday, tying the all-time mark for the highest daily maximum temperature in the country, which was recorded in Tengah on April 17, 1983.

It is also the highest recorded temperature for the month of May, and the hottest day in 2023.

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