S Korea opens more virus testing sites

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (AP) — South Korea will open dozens of free COVID-19 testing sites in the greater Seoul area, as the country registered additional 718 new cases yesterday amid a surge in infections.

Since the pandemic began, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said the additional cases took the country’s total to 43,484 infections with 587 deaths. It said about 65 per cent of the new cases were found in the Seoul area, which has been at the centre of a recent viral resurgence.

The additional cases were a drop from the 1,030 cases reported a day earlier, the highest daily increase since South Korea confirmed its first patient in January. Observers said the lower figures for yesterday are a result of fewer tests taken over the weekend and that the country’s caseload is expected to surge again this week.

At the new sites scheduled to run for three weeks, anyone can visit and take free tests. Previously, people wanting to take diagnostic tests on their own have had to pay if they tested negative.