Russian polytechnic university accepting applications

Azlan Othman

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is ready to admit Brunei students to its Master’s Degree programmes in English, said the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Brunei Darussalam.

The programmes are 03.04.02 Physics (specialisation – Condensed Matter Physics); 05.04.06 Ecology and Nature Management (specialisation – Environmental Engineering and Sustainability); 09.04.04 Software Engineering (specialisation – Big Data Solutions); 13.04.02 Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering (specialisation – Electric Power Generation and Transportation); 14.04.02 Nuclear Physics and Technology (specialisations – Nuclear Medicine; Nuclear Power Engineering; Nuclear Safety, Security and Non-Proliferation); and 22.04.01 – Materials Science (specialisation – Materials Science).

The closing date for application submission is August 25. Terms and conditions regarding admission procedure and tuition fees can be found at academic-programs. TPU also participates in the annual Scholarship Program of the Government of the Russian Federation. Information is available at