Russia counts 29,900 new cases, a daily high

MOSCOW (AP) – Russian authorities reported 29,935 new coronavirus cases yesterday, the highest daily spike in the pandemic.

This is nearly 2,700 infections more than was registered the previous day. Russia’s total of over 2.9 million remains the fourth largest coronavirus caseload in the world.

The government’s coronavirus task force has also registered more than 53,000 deaths in all.

Russia has been swept by a rapid resurgence of the outbreak this fall, with numbers of confirmed COVID-19 infections and deaths significantly exceeding those reported in the spring. The country’s authorities resisted imposing a second nationwide lockdown or a widespread closure of businesses.

Earlier this month, mass vaccination against COVID-19 started in Russia with Sputnik V — a domestically developed coronavirus vaccine that is still undergoing advanced studies among tens of thousands of people needed to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Russia has been widely criticised for giving Sputnik V regulatory approval in August after it had only been tested on a few dozen people.

A woman rides on a bus, with Kremlin’s towers and Russian Foreign Ministry building in the background, in Moscow. PHOTO: AP