Russell Brand shares tips on mindfulness

RUSSELL Brand has urged his fans to practise mindfulness.

The 43-year-old comedian-and-activist has admitted that he occasionally struggles with being mindful – aware of experiences occurring in the present moment – and he has made a suggestion to his 11.7 million Twitter followers that they should have “awareness of their breath” to help their state of mind.

Speaking in a Twitter video, he said, “I find it quite difficult. For example, being present in this moment means I have awareness in my breath an awareness of this moment and a kind of connection with the truth of what I’m saying, so that when you listen to it, it feels real.”

The former actor explained that he finds it difficult to appreciate simple things such as walking his dog or eating a meal and claimed that “we’ve forgotten how to live in our hearts and bellies”.

He continued, “When I’m out walking the dogs so much of the time I’m so lost in my thoughts I’m not even present on the dog walk, the dog walk can end. Our meals, I don’t appreciate meals.

“We have become enchanted by our inner lives by an aspect of mind that in certain cultures is regarded simply as a tool for solving logical problems. We’ve forgotten how to live in our hearts, forgotten how to live in our bellies.” – BANG!