Runaway worker remains elusive

I had a foreign worker in my employ, who recently resigned and requested to be sent home. I cancelled her employment pass and bought her a one-way ticket back to her country.

However, at the immigration checkpoint, she supposedly had a change of heart. Despite the airport staff’s insistence, she refused to board the flight and took off to “meet a friend”.

We have not seen or heard from her since that night.

I have dutifully lodged a report with all the authorities that I could think of; and even placed a newspaper advertisement in the hopes of finding her whereabouts.

I am growing concerned about the situation. The air ticket I bought is valid for a year, and at this point, she has already been staying in the country illegally for nearly three months.

There have been quite a number of runaway foreign workers recently, and I wonder how many have been successfully located.

In my opinion, my former worker is making a mockery of our country’s rules and regulations, and I hope the authorities could locate her as soon as possible and deter others from breaking a similar law.

A Concerned Bruneian