Rules, dress code for visitors at Legislative Council session

|     Azlan Othman     |

THE Department of Councils of State has outlined rules and regulations that needs to be adhered to during the Legislative Council (LegCo) meeting which opens on Thursday, March 7.

Schools and higher educational institutions wishing to visit during the LegCo meeting should write a letter at least a week before the date of visit to the Secretary to the Cabinet Ministers’ Council and Clerk to the LegCo at the Department of Councils of State, Jalan Dewan Majlis.

Students are required to wear according to the dress code. They are required to comply with current regulations while inside the LegCo hall. For inquiries, contact the Secretariat of the Legislative Council at 2380501.

For government officers and the public who wish to listen to the deliberation, they must wear long-sleeved shirt, tie and black hat or Baju Cara Melayu with sinjang and Songkok.

Women should wear baju kurung with hijab or long skirt or lounge suit.

Visitors from higher educational institutions must wear long-sleeved shirt or baju kurung and hijab. Students must wear their school uniform.

Attendees are not allowed to wear caps, short-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, sports shirts, jeans, shorts, sports pants, short skirts, leggings or slippers.

Smoking is prohibited either inside or outside of the LegCo building. They are also not allowed to take pictures in the LegCo hall when the deliberation is being held unless the parties are granted permission.

The public and visitors present to hear debates are urged to activate ‘silent mode’ on their mobile phones while in the LegCo hall.

They are prohibited from carrying dangerous items, speaking and making noise during conferences. Food and drinks are not allowed in the LegCo hall.

They should also comply with the procedure of entry and exit of the LegCo hall. Male members of the LegCo should wear uniforms and Dastar with state decorations and honorary medals.

Female members of LegCo must wear black baju kurung with the state decorations and honorary medals.

Special guests must wear uniforms. Special guests that do not have uniforms but given the privilege at the dais are required to wear black dress and hat with state decorations and honorary medals. Other guests must wear black national dress or dark lounge suit.