Rudolph, Santa figures soar to sale of USD368,000 at auction

LOS ANGELES (AP) — And how the bidders loved him!

A buyer shouted out with glee that they would pay USD368,000 for the Rudolph and Santa Claus figures used in the perennially beloved Christmas special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Bidding for the figures soared past the projected sale price of between USD150,000 and USD200,000 last Friday at the Icons & Legends of Hollywood Auction held in Los Angeles by Profiles in History.

The buyer was not identified. The seller was Peter Lutrario, 65, of New York, who told The Associated Press before the auction that he thought he would never part with the dolls but wanted to be able to take care of his children and grandchildren with the money.

The figures were among several used to make the 1964 stop-motion animation television special.

The six-inch-tall Rudolph and 11-inch-tall Santa were made in Tokyo of wood, wire, cloth and leather, and are still malleable. Rudolph’s nose still lights up. Santa’s beard is made from yak hair.