RPN Kampung Panchor Mengkubau street lighting issues rectified

THE Department of Electrical Services (DES), Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry, referring to the report titled ‘Residents call to fix street lighting’ by Lyna Mohamad, published in the Weekend Bulletin on November 3, 2018, said this has been rectified on October 31, 2018.

DES also extended its apologies and regrets for the inconvenience caused to the residents of RPN Kampung Panchor Mengkubau in Jalan Bukit Sinadur due to the faulty street lighting within the area that had persisted for months.

DES would also like to express gratitude to the writer for highlighting this concern, especially pertaining to its impact to the safety of the residents.

However, another fault had arisen, causing the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) to trip.

Further investigation had been undertaken by the appointed contractor to rectify the root cause of the problem.

This fault had been rectified as of November 16, 2018.

DES would like to assure the public that DES is committed to ensuring that issues pertaining to street lighting will be addressed.

We would like to thank the writer again for bringing this issue to our attention.

For information, the public can contact the Public Relations Unit, DES, at 2387000 Ext 422 / 323.

The public is also encouraged to raise any complaints regarding electricity supply via Talian Darussalam 123.

DES welcomes feedback and input on electricity supply to improve its services to the public.

Public Relations Unit

Department of Electrical Services

Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry