Robbie Williams dreams of Tom Cruise

ROBBIE Williams keeps dreaming about Tom Cruise.

The Angels hitmaker has admitted he was been hanging out with some Hollywood a-listers in his sleep, including the Mission: Impossible blockbuster star.

He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, “I have nightmares every night, intermixed with hanging out with celebrities in my dreams, weirdly.

“It’s either nightmares, me going out with celebrities, or a mixture of both.

“Two people I’ve hung out with recently in my dreams that are an absolute hoot are Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck.”

Robbie, 44, revealed the dream meetings didn’t cross over at all, and admitted it has had an impact on how he perceives the stars in real life.

He added, “Not at the same time, but we had so much fun, we got on so well.

“Especially Ben, we were like two peas in a pod. I woke up and thought, ‘that Ben Affleck, he’s great value’ and I still think so.”

His dream revelations come after the star admitted he has turned to colouring books in a bid to relieve his cravings after giving up smoking.

Speaking in an Instagram Live video, he said, “I’m just doing some colouring in, which is good because I’ve got something to concentrate on. Art is good for my mind.”

Robbie – who has children Teddy, six, Charlton, four, and Coco, four months, with wife Ayda Field – is finding quitting the deadly habit very difficult and has been experiencing panic attacks as a result.

He added, “Anyone who is giving up smoking with me, keep on.

“The struggle is real. I’ve been all right all week, it’s been sort of six out of 10 difficult and then in the last hour and a half I’ve just collapsed, panic attacks, over- whelmed . . . I’ve had to get out of the house just to calm down a little.” – BANG!