Roadshow promotes softball to schools

|    Khairil Hassan    |

THE Brunei Darussalam Amateur Softball and Baseball Association (BASBA) held a softball roadshow to different schools during the first term of the school year as part of the Development Programme to introduce the sport of softball to students.

This started with Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School in Kampong Salambigar for their Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA) yesterday afternoon.

Over 250 students participated in the Softball Introduction in collaboration with the Co-Curriculum Education Department, Ministry of Education, where players from different teams such as Wanderers, Pasadena, Gunners, Divas, Kensei and Chikara under BASBA participated as coaches.

First, the students were taught on the introduction to the theory and basic fundamentals of softball facilitated by BASBA Vice President Major (Rtd) Wan Tambrin bin Haji Suhaili at the school’s auditorium.

The second part of the programme was the practical session where the students were divided into three stations – the catching and throwing station, batting station, and the playing diamond station.

BASBA Vice President Major (Rtd) Wan Tambrin bin Haji Suhaili explains the softball diamond and game fundamentals to the students. – PHOTOS: KHAIRIL HASSAN
Softball player Wan Nani shows the technique of batting to the students
Softball player Evelyn demonstrates the throwing technique to the students

The event is the first phase of the programme where five schools were selected to join the introduction programme.

They are Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School (yesterday), Sayyidina Umar Al-Khattab Secondary School (March 5), Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College (March 7), Katok Secondary School (March 9) and Meragang Sixth Form Centre (March 11).

The second phase of the programme will start from April 1 where coaches will go to each school every week to train the students.

The BASBA Vice President said that hopefully each school will have their own softball team by the end of the year, to which BASBA can launch the third phase where they can organise an inter-school softball tournament.