Roadshow for new employers

The Employees Trust Fund (TAP), through the TAP Enforcement Unit, continued its series of roadshow for newly registered employers at the Theatre Hall, Ministry of Finance and Economy Building.

The roadshow was part of TAP’s efforts to inform employers on their responsibilities to employees eligible to be registered under TAP and Supplemental Contributory Pension

(SCP) schemes. The two-day event was attended by 120 employers.

It is mandatory for employees who are citizens and permanent residents of Brunei Darussalam to be registered and contribute to the TAP and SCP schemes including part time, contract, daily paid employees and those on probation.

Failure to pay TAP and SCP contributions, an employer will be fined no more than BND3,000 for the first offence and not more than BND10,000 for second and subsequent offences under Section 26 of the Employee Trust Act (Chapter 167) and Section 29 of the Supplemental Contributory Pensions Trust Order 2009.

The roadshow included a sharing session on TAP’s online service: e-Amanah. For every company registration via the Registry of Companies and Business Name (ROCBN), it will be automatically registered to e-Amanah.

Employers were also briefed on how to login to the web portal, register eligible employees, updating the employees and company information, making online payments and obtaining the monthly contribution payment status.

New employers during the roadshow. PHOTO: TAP