Roads in Kampong Kiudang and Mungkom need maintenance, widening

HAVING a well-paved road is one of the most important things to consider regarding the safety of road users. With well-paved roads, accidents and other mishaps can be avoided.

I would like to highlight the condition of the roads at Kampong Kiudang and Kampong Mungkom.

I noticed the roads there are not well maintained.

Potholes are visible at some parts of the road while the speed bumps and road barriers’ safety paint have faded.

The roads are also noticeably narrower because of wild grass growing beside the road.

Both entry ways of the main road heading towards Kampong Kiudang and Kampong Mungkom are also quite narrow.

Perhaps the authorities can do some maintenance on the roads and help widen these entry ways because heavy vehicles such as trucks and lorries use the road which can be a safety hazard for road users.

– Awg Guna