RM1 billion to enhance Internet service this year: Deputy Minister

KANGAR (Bernama) – The government has allocated more than RM1 billion to enhance Internet facility and high quality broadband in more areas this year, said Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Eddin Syazlee Shith.

He said this was necessary as efforts by the previous government in spending more than RM8 billion in providing the infrastructure did not reach the level required to deliver the service.

“This happens because many of the previously appointed service providers did not carry out their responsibility well.

“Therefore, this year, we focus on improving basic facilities so that the people get to benefit the optimum,” he told a media conference after a briefing by heads of departments and agencies under the ministry in Perlis.

Eddin Syazlee said since there were many more areas which still did not receive satisfactory Internet facility, hence priority would be given towards improving the service in the affected areas than to provide a more sophisticated 4G or 5G facility.

“The government has also not decided on increasing the Internet centres as there are still areas with no Internet facility and need to be given attention”, he said and cited the area between Pos Betau and Sungai Koyan in the Cameron Highlands, Pahang, where there was no Internet facility at all.

Eddin Syazlee said the government’s priority now was to provide cheap quality high-speed Internet for the people.