Rio and Kate Ferdinand use Instagram for fitness suggestions

BANG! NEWS – Rio and Kate Ferdinand love to browse Instagram together looking for the best fitness accounts.

The former footballer and his wife like to find new ways to stay in shape so when they get some time together, they turn to social media for suggestions and ideas.

Kate said, “Me and Rio sit in bed and look at people’s fitness Instagram accounts. We’ll be like, ‘Ooh we like that, let’s try that.'”

Kate loves the fact she and her husband can also enjoy their mutual passion for fitness in their own gym.

She said, “It used to be, ‘I’m going on holiday so I need to train every day’ but it’s a lifestyle now. I train to look good, feel good, and be happy. I love working out and it’s something that me and Rio have in common. The former Only Way is Essex star’s own Instagram account has been a source of fitness inspiration for many people and, because she wants to be a “good role model”, she wants to be “honest” with people about how she looks after herself so promised to be frank in her new book Fitter, Happier, Healthier.

She told heat magazine, “I do want to be a good role model, which is why I speak about myself a lot in the book.

“I don’t want people to have an unrealistic view of how I work out and what I eat.”

“It was important to be honest about who I am, so they can feel more comfortable with who they are.”

Kate has a lot of “little” goals she wants to achieve over the coming months.

She said, “I have lots of goals, not just necessarily with fitness.

“I have actually written them down on my phone – I want to stay fit, healthy and feeling good.

“I want to be positive and not let negative people control my thinking. I want to go watch [my step-children] play football more.”