Right lane not for leisure driving

With more cars on the road these days, traffic congestion is practically everywhere.

Given the situation, it is more important than ever to abide by road rules and regulations. Sadly, it is not often the case.

Sometimes these traffic jams are caused not by a road accident but by people opting to drive leisurely, especially on the right lane. By stubbornly staying on the ‘fast’ lane has invited fellow motorists to tailgate, thus increasing the chances of getting into an accident.

Even worse are those who use their mobile phones while driving with little care of the dangerous situation they have created for themselves as well as others.

Road rules and regulations are enforced for a reason – to keep motorists and their passengers safe. So to all the drivers who opt to stick to the right lane, please note that it is there for those who wish to overtake a car. If you’re driving slower than the approaching car, it’s time to give way.

Road Rager