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Riders take the scenic route

Lyna Mohamad

A group of eight avid motorcycle riders, comprising from strangers to brothers, packed their camping gear and headed to the Bintudoh Greenspring Resort for an overnight camping trip.

The riders met up at the Tutong Waterfront before making their convoy ride to the resort, in a trip dubbed ‘Freedom Ride 1.0’.

A spokesperson for the group said that three close friends were inspired by a motorcycle-camping get together seen in the United States (US), and the trip developed after a passing comment drew other riders interested in joining in.

Bintudoh Greenspring Resort was chosen for the trip because of its beginner-friendly camping grounds.

“Bintudoh was a space that was not too easy to access in terms of geography, but the ride there added to the experience,” one rider said.

“It also had ample space and parking, washrooms, tent rental, and even firewood on hand, to give us a fun first-time experience without being thrown into the deep end.”

Another said, “Some of us have never met, but over the love for the outdoors and motorcycles, we all clicked instantly.

“On top of that, packing for a motorcycle camping trip is unique, in that there is limited cargo space so you really have to make it as essential and minimal as possible.”

Their camping experience continued the next morning with a ride to Benutan Dam/ Silver Jubilee Reservoir, where their bikes were put to the test on roads littered with potholes that were more suited for off-road vehicles. In the end, the group had to turn back halfway due the severe flood conditions.

They instead rode to Bandar, making a stop at the Sungai Junjungan Jetty along the way and capped the day off with a cup of coffee in Batu Satu.

The riders said they were already planning the next camping trip, and were looking forward to explore the hidden treasures of the country.

The riders at Bintudoh Greenspring Resort. PHOTO: MATEEN/IRFAN