Retired BSP officer charged with holding unexplained property

Fadley Faisal

A retired Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) officer was indicted in the Magistrate’s Court for holding an amount of property beyond his past or present emoluments, which is unexplained.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Hajah Anifa Rafiza binti Haji Abdul Ghani informed Magistrate Hajah Ervy Sufitriana binti Haji Abdul Rahman that the defendant, Ibrahim bin Abdul Gani, has by far explained in Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) investigations that his main source of income derives from his salary and annual bonuses.

Other sources are derived from his side business of multi-level marketing selling corsets, insurance premium payouts and bank interests.

As far as calculations are concerned, the ACB has not been able to find his income to commensurate with the unexplained property.

The defendant further stated that he acquired the rest of the wealth from his lottery winnings sometime back in 2008 or 2009; and also from illegal investments with DINA, a failed investment company, which was also indicted in court in 2010, leading to its closure.

The court was also informed that the defendant has failed to show proof of any documentation for both the lottery winnings and investment with DINA.

Magistrate Hajah Ervy Sufitriana then gave Ibrahim a month to seek legal advice, and adjourned the case to December 16.

Ibrahim is currently out on a bail of BND10,000 or one local surety, with an order of a travelling embargo. The charge carries a penalty of BND30,000 fine or seven years’ imprisonment.