Retailers warned for not following price directive

Seven businesses were warned for failing to comply with the Seasonal Maximum Price (SMP) directive, according to the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (JPES).

It said that through the Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), three businesses in Tanjong Bunut, two in Tanah Jambu, one in Sinarubai and one in Pekan Bangar were issued warning letters for selling items above maximum prices. The items included: butter, milk (condensed and evaporated), margarine, ghee and flour.

These offences were found during routine inspections conducted across districts, said JPES. Price inspectors also advised businesses to comply with the SMP directive and to ensure prices of goods are clearly displayed.

The SMP Directive on selected essential food will continue until the end of Syawal. Other items that fall under SMP this year are buffalo and cattle meat, whole chicken, chicken eggs and cream milk.

The full list of maximum prices is available through the Department’s website and the PenggunaBijak mobile application.

The app also offers weekly updated price information on selected essential goods being monitored by JPES.

Queries related to the SMP Directive can be directed to the DCCA through the Consumer Hotline under Darussalam Line 123 or the DCCA’s mobile application PenggunaBijak.

JPES price inspectors check prices of items under the SMP directive. PHOTO: JPES