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Retailers fined, warned for misleading price tags

Two retailers were compounded and another warned for violating the Display of Price Order by the Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs (DCCA).

The retailers infringed on the order by displaying price of goods inconsistent with the actual price consumers had to pay upon purchase, said the department.

Compounds of BND700 and BND500 had been issued to two of the stores while one was given a warning notice.

The Display of Prices Order and the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order are enforced to protect consumers from unethical business conducts, said the department, adding that businesses are to be mindful in ensuring fair and ethical business practices which include displaying price information clearly and accurately.

Ethical business conduct is the key building block to earning consumer trust and in creating a healthy business environment, said the department.

Businesses found to violate the Display of Prices Order may face a maximum penalty of BND20,000 fine and an imprisonment of five years.

Consumers encountering misleading or deceptive business practices are encouraged to report to the DCCA through Darussalam Line at 123, the PenggunaBijak mobile app or via email to or

The price tag of an item that does match what customers have to pay. PHOTO: JPKE

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