Restaurant promising healthy eating makes its debut

|     Fadley Faisal     |

THE healthy eating culture is slowly being picked up by people in Brunei Darussalam and to cater to the growing demands, the country is seeing its fair share of nourishment establishments opening up.

Yesterday, the Eat Well Co made its debut with a humble opening at Jalan Jerudong with a gathering of family and friends.

The opening ceremony began with the recitation of Doa Selamat and Doa Kesyukuran.

The partnership duo of Eat Well Co Liyana Imani binti Abdul Latif and Zari Idris spoke to the Weekend Bulletin to share their business methods of catering to the public by keeping to ‘what’s served at home’ is served at their restaurant.

Before this, they have been serving their family, especially the household children with all the healthy choices of food.

Liyana Imani binti Abdul Latif and Zari Idris with their staff. – FADLEY FAISAL

They have jumped onto the bandwagon to cater to the popular demand of eating healthy.

Eat Well Co sources their vegetables locally from growers with pesticide-free methods.

The meal preparations have no artificial additives.

The sauces are made from scratch.

Eat Well Co has a simple way for customers to choose their dishes.

They start with a base ranging from brown rice to quinoa, the greens, then its protein ranging from chicken to salmon, then type of toppings such as nuts and lastly its house sauces.

Customers can have a choice of special add-ons.

They also serve coffee and healthy chilled juices.

The restaurant opens from 7am to 7pm daily, with exceptions of Friday prayers’ closure.

Liyana and Zari added that meal-plans are underway and will be including gluten free meals among others.