Replace faded number plates, motorists told

Rokiah Mahmud

Several vehicles are still plying the road with damaged or faded vehicle number plates, the Land Transport Department (JPD) under the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC) stated yesterday.

The vehicle registration plate number is an identification for every vehicle. Vehicle owners must adhere to the Road Traffic Act of Chapter 68; Road Traffic Regulations (Identification Mark) 2008, where every number plate should be of aluminium with the identification mark embossed.

The background should be black and the identification markings in white, conforming to measurements that have been stated.

JPD is also seeking cooperation from the companies providing vehicle registration plates to follow JPD specifications. Vehicle owners are urged to change the number plates if they are faded or damaged as companies manufacturing, supplying and installing plates are still offering discounts to replace vehicle registration plates.

JPD can revoke, suspend or cancel the operation of a company if violating regulations in supplying, manufacturing and installation of vehicle registration plates.

Contact JPD at 2451979 /80/87 (ext 111) during office hours or email to [email protected] for details.