Repent before its too late, say Imams

Azlan Othman

Yesterday’s Friday sermon touched on the topic of repentance and seeking forgiveness from Allah the Almighty, before it is too late.

“Those who are aware of the sins and offences they have committed should immediately repent without delay, since Allah the Almighty always accepts the repentance of His servants while they are still alive,” said Imams during the sermon.

“Allah the Almighty’s blessings are boundless, and His mercy extends to His servants who wish to repent

and improve themselves. If a person has sinned towards Allah the Almighty, then he should immediately renounce his acts, express sincere remorse, and be determined not to commit any more wrongdoings.

“Regarding sins towards our fellow humans such as slander, mistreatment and taking property by force, the penitent should seek forgiveness from the wronged person, and make amends by replacing the

goods and property. After repentance, we should refrain from committing further wrongdoings or repeating previous transgressions. This includes avoiding immoral places, resisting evil and lust, regretting past sins, practising self-reflection (Istiqamah), reciting Istighfar, doing more good deeds, and spending more time in prayer”.