Repairs affect water supplies

|     Fadley Faisal     |

REPAIRS are being carried out to the Water Treatment Plants 4 and 5 of Bukit Barun due to damages, the Public Works Department (JKR) stated yesterday.

Residents of Kampong Lambak Kanan, Kampong Meragang, RPN Kampong Rimba, Kampong Kilanas, Kampong Wasan and its surrounding areas are affected due to this.

JKR requested the public to observe patience with the low-pressured water supply until repairs are completed and water supply is back to normal.

Supplementary water supply is being allocated in blue tanks at Lambak Kanan Mosque area; Hall No 1 at Jalan 3, Lambak Kanan; Hall No 2 at Jalan 77, Lambak Kanan; nearby Lambak Kanan Co-curriculum Education Department; along Jalan 11 Lambak Kanan and Simpang 127 and Simpang 135 in Kampong Rimba.

The public is advised to bring their own containers when obtaining water supply from the blue tanks and avoid wastage.

Additional requests for water supply from JKR tankers can be forwarded to Darussalam Hotline 123.