Repair works taking too long at Ar-Rahman Mosque

WHAT should have been the pride of the people of Brunei Darussalam, being the first mosque to be built through the Mosque Construction Fund, the Ar-Rahman Mosque in Tanjung Bunut is already in a sorry state since its official opening in September.

The mosque suffered a leak in its main hall during a heavy rainfall and now congregants are welcomed at the hall by stacks of workers’ scaffolding or buckets.

These equipment are only temporarily removed late on Thursdays ahead of the weekly Friday prayers.

It is puzzling to see repairs taking such a long time.

Repairs are being done on the interior instead of repairing the leak from the exterior.

This just seems like the contractor is resorting to a makeshift solution while the issue is pushed away to the mosque administrators.

Another issue is the distorted audio from the public address system which was apparent from day one.

The audio is so bad that even congregants on the front row have trouble listening.

Making it worse, many of the outside loudspeakers are defective with the contractor willing to provide free replacements once.

The mosque also suffers from frequent power circuit trips, which to date have not been traced, although circuiting or cabling faults are the most likely suspects.

The original project overseers, architect, engineers and construction supervisors need to get their act together.

This letter is not just to put right this mosque back to its original functionality but also to reduce the probability of repeating similar issues at subsequent mosque built under the Mosque Construction Fund initiative.

– A Donor and Congregant