Renee Zellweger never tires of ‘Jerry Maguire’ line

BANG! NEWS – Renee Zellweger still hears her iconic line “you had me at hello” from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire “a couple of times” a week from fans and it always makes her proud.

But 24 years since the film’s release, Renee still gets people utter the memorable words to her when she’s out and about and it always makes her proud.

Asked how many times a week does she hear the line, she told OK magazine, “Not enough! Maybe a couple of times. I don’t go out much so it would be weird if I heard it a lot.

“It still touches me. What a cool thing that somebody give you a line like that!”

The Oscar-winning actress can still remember landing her breakthrough role starring alongside Tom, after a jaw-dropping phone call with the movie’s director Cameron Crowe.

She recalled, “I was at the Sundance Film Festival with my whole family and my phone rang and it was the director, Cameron. I was like, ‘Just hurry up and break my heart already!’ And he said, ‘I was just wondering if maybe you want the part?’

“I told him I’d have to see if I was available, and I was. The next day it was in Variety magazine and my brother went out to buy a stack of them. It was so sweet I could cry thinking about it.”