Remote learning putting stress on working parents

I would like to applaud the authorities for their tireless effort in combatting the return of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. The partial lockdown is a necessary step in putting the lid back on the spread and I wholeheartedly support the measure.

However, as a parent of three children, I am stressed over remote learning, especially with the current climate, where employees are also encouraged to work from home. Most days, the connectivity has been spikey at best, putting a lot of pressure on parents who are supervising these virtual lessons.

Parents are also faced with higher expenses as a result of this measure, ranging from higher electricity bills to buying better-performing computers for their children. This is especially true for large families.

While I am glad to see the authorities aid low-income families by providing essentials for remote learning, those who don’t fall below the poverty line and yet not wealthy enough to bear the cost with ease are faced with the most burden.

Then, there’s the stress of playing the role of a teacher. For families with two working parents, it means juggling between their own work and their children’s. The lucky ones have children who can self-motivate. However, most parents I have spoken with are struggling to keep their children interested in learning in the current format. So, parents are made to spend a chunk of time making sure that their children are paying attention in virtual classes and doing homework afterwards.

While I understand that this is an unprecedented time and sacrifices need to be made by all to put the second wave behind us, there is also a tremendous level of stress that I believe needs to be highlighted.

Stressed-Out Dad