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Remain steadfast in performing acts of worship, say Imams

Azlan Othman

Good deeds and pious acts performed with family members during the holy month of Ramadhan should be practised in other months to reinvigorate the spirit in enhancing one’s faith, Imams said in the Friday sermon yesterday.

The deeds and pious acts include obligatory or highly recommended practices such as performing prayers in congregation, performing Sunnat prayers, reading Al-Quran or Tedarus, remembrance of Allah the Almighty or Zikir, supplication, nightly vigil or Qiamullail and act of giving or Sedekah.

“Ramadhan educates us to be faithful, to continue to self-reflect and do good deeds in other months,” Imams said.

“Self-reflection is a noble act and highly recommended in Islam. Embracing self-reflection among faithful individuals indicate that we are obedient towards Allah the Almighty’s orders. It is a means to strengthen one’s faith by practising acts of obedience while refraining from committing acts contrary to the Syariah.”

Islam calls on the Ummah to self-reflect in piousness and perform good deeds as Allah the Almighty promises multiple rewards.

There are lessons found in Al-Quran relating to those who self-reflect in their religious practice. “For those who are consistent in performing good deeds will always be in the presence of angels who will bring blessings to him. Those who always self-reflect will not be easily afraid as having a firm heart, possessing a strong faith and conviction while placing great hope in Allah the Almighty,” Imams added.

“These faithful individuals will not be easily disheartened especially after losing something because they know that everything belongs to Allah the Almighty. Those who self-reflect will also be granted paradise as promised by Allah the Almighty.”