Reliving precious moments

James Kon

In 2004, Brunei’s very own international superstar Wu Chun and Lim Lee Yen officially tied the knot in Brunei Darussalam. However, the couple did not have a proper wedding ceremony.

To relive the lost precious moments, Wu Chun and his wife starred in a 12-episode reality show 21 Days before Marriage which aired on Mango TV and attracted some 10 million viewers worldwide since its debut.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the eight final episodes were forced to be filmed by Wu Chun’s friends in the country. The initial plan was to have the wedding ceremony in Melbourne, Australia.

The touching show of love and affection captured the hearts of the audience. The reality show also featured Wu Chun’s children, Nei Nei and Max, his father and relatives who spoke on how the couple met and the wedding preparations.

Wu Chun during an interview about the reality show recalled his first meeting with his wife, “It was love at first sight on February 1, 1996 when my sister-in-law introduced me to Lim Lee Yen.

“We’ve been together for 25 years and what makes this wedding ceremony unique is that we have great memories that will be captured on camera. We can always look back on this in the future.”

Brunei local celebrity Wu Chun and Lim Lee Yen finally held their proper wedding ceremony as part of their 12-episode reality show ‘21 Days Before Marriage’, aired on Mango TV. The reality show also featured Wu Chun children’s Nei Nei and Max as well as Wu Chun’s father and relatives who spoke on how the couple met and dated as well as the preparation for the wedding ceremony
Wu Chun and wife Lim Lee Yen during their wedding ceremony. PHOTO: MANGO TV CHINA

On the most memorable scene in the show, Wu Chun said, “When I first looked at her wedding gown, tears began flowing from my eyes. The wedding dress was amazing. She designed it and it has drawings of our story from the past 25 years stitched in.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic and adhering to Ministry of Health guidelines, Wu Chun had a small wedding ceremony with only 20 people.

Wu Chun said, “I set up a museum gallery about our story from the first day we met, the first time I held her hands, the presents and letters we gave each other, our school life, showbiz life and the birth of our children. The museum is set up based on the scenes in the past so it is meaningful and a surprise to her.”

On his next assignment, Wu Chun said, “The new project is supposed to be a Winter Olympic TV show but because of COVID-19, it has been postponed. I also have jobs waiting in China and my Madame Tussauds wax figure was supposed to be exhibited but was pushed back. A new gym was supposed to open next month in Shenzen. I am currently designing the interior of my new house so I have been busy.”

The public can catch 21 Days before Marriage on YouTube.

Touching on the government’s success in containing the COVID-19 pandemic, he said, “I think the government did a great job in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Someday, we will look back on this crisis during a time that made us smarter and more compassionate as a society, and more aware that the only way to make our country truly first is to put the entire world first as well. Uniting is key and we need to follow strict guidelines and act responsibly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s time to embrace togetherness and the Brunei Government did an amazing job to raise alert and provide support as well as strategies to prevent an outbreak in the country. We are thankful to the frontliners.”