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Sunday, December 3, 2023
24 C
Brunei Town

Religious talk marks double celebration

Lyna Mohamad

An online knowledge discussion was held yesterday as part of a double celebration to mark the 38th National Day and Israk Mikraj for 1443 Hijrah.

The Fiqh al-Usrah Research Centre in collaboration with the Jawi and Kitab Turath Research and Studies Centre and the Centre of Research and Understanding of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) hosted the event, which saw KUPU SB Ra’es Dr Haji Adanan bin Haji Basar as the guest of honour.

Nadwah Ilmiah discussed the teachings of Israk Mikraj from the Turath Book Kifayatul Muhtaj, written by Syeikh Daud Fathani in relevance to the instilling of the Aqidah Ahli Sunnah Waljama’ah in the family institution.

The panellists comprised KUPU SB’s Jawi and Kitab Turath Research and Studies Centre Director Dr Haji Harapandi Dahri; Centre of Research and Understanding of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jama’ah Director Ustaz Haji Mohammad Azmi bin Haji Omar and Fiqh Al-Usrah Research Centre Director Ustaz Hilman bin Haji Salim, while Jawi and Kitab Turath Research and Studies Centre Deputy Director Dr Haji Mohammad Shahrol Azmi bin Haji Abdul Mulok moderated.

Dr Harapandi said the Turath Book mentioned in the Israk Mikraj event – referring to Al-Quran and the hadith as well as qaul of companions, scholars and the Book – does not contradict the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

ABOVE & BELOW: The online religious discussion in session. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

“In fact, the Book also mentions the rewards for individuals who recite the Zikir. The blessings on the journey is that of the benefits of prayers, which is commanded by Allah the Almighty to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and compulsory for his followers,” he said. “Praying brings the benefits of eliminating sins and wrong doings, and also brings peace to the soul.”

Meanwhile, Ustaz Haji Mohammad Azmi clarified that from the Aqidah Ahli Sunnah Waljama’ah perspective, Israk Mikraj is a miracle that must be trusted.

“The event brings values of belief and faith that can be taken and applied to the family institution as it has lessons in the formation of a loving, pious family,” said Ustaz Hilman, adding that “parents need to instill faith in their children, teaching them to practice surrendering to Allah the Almighty.”

KUPU SB core officials, staff and students as well as guests and the public participated in the online event.


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