Religious contest brings out youthful talent

Daniel Lim

Firqah Amaturrahman and Hilawatul Qolbi, youth groups participating in a Tausyeh Competition, won first place in their categories of Belia and Beliawani.

The competition was held in conjunction with the 37th National Day celebration and was organised by the Takmir Committee of the Pekan Seria Mosque.

Head Imam of the mosque Imam Haji Aminorddin bin Haji Mohd Yusof in his speech said the competition helped to sustain the art of reciting Tausyeh across generations.

“In conjunction with the 37 National Day celebrations, the Takmir Committee of Pekan Seria Mosque has taken the initiative to encourage participations from the youth to compete as it provides opportunities for them to spend time wisely in learning the recitation of Tausyeh while also involving themselves with activities held at mosques,” he said.

A total of eight Tausyeh groups took part in the competition. Five groups are competing in the Belia category, while three are competing in the Beliawanis Category. Their scores are judged based on their song choice, Fasahah, and voice.

ABOVE & BELOW: Contestants in a Tausyeh contest; and the judges observing their recitation skills. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM

Firqah Amaturrahman who scored a total of 93 per cent with their performance of Qomarun won in the Belia category.

Mujahid scored 90.5 per cent with a performance of Rabbama Makkah took second place and Syababul Masyhuur scored 88 per cent with a performance of Astaghfirullah came in third.

In the Beliawanis category, Hilwatul Qolbi were able to wow the judges with their performance of Qod Kaffani with a score of 90.5 per cent, followed by Al-Munajah with a performance of Man Ana and Amiratul Jannah with a performance of Solatun Bissalam. Both tied for second and third place with a score of 88.5 per cent.

Head of Religious Officer in the Belait District Muhammad Aliyani bin Haji Ismail presented trophies and prizes to the winners.