Release the chained elephant in Jerudong

WHILE visiting Jerudong Beach, I was saddened to find an elephant being kept in a terrible condition.

It was chained and could not walk around the enclosure.

The water given to it was dirty.

I was also made aware that it was seen eating plastic and other rubbish because it was hungry.

What’s worse is that the elephant is all alone. When I approached the fence, it came toward me displaying signs of grief.

This disheartened me as I know elephants are herd animals, they need to be in the company of others.

I understand it could be costly to maintain the wellbeing of the elephant by supplying food or bringing in another elephant for it to be around with.

I believe the best action is for the authorities to release it back into the wild where it belongs.

If this poses financial difficulties, the authorities can take initiatives to raise funds from the public as this is for a good cause; to stop its suffering.

Keeping the elephant there does not benefit Brunei in terms of revenue nor does it benefit the elephant.

Please have mercy on the elephant.

They are extremely intelligent animals and have memories that span many years.

It is regretful that it has been living like this for years.

However, it is still not too late to make a change.

– Generasi Berwawasan