Registration opens for SMS Service for SPUB

Azlan Othman

The registration to obtain Brunei Religious Education Certificate (SPUB) Examination 2020 results are now open, said the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) through the Examination Division, Department of Islamic Studies as the Secretariat of the Brunei Religious Education Examination Board (LPPUB) in collaboration with the Information Technology Division.

Examination candidates, parents or guardians are required to register either online registration or via SMS service using a mobile phone. Registration is free and customers can start registering starting 2pm today.

Online registration can be done on Registration via SMS service can be done by typing KHEU (space) REG (space) EXAMINATION CENTRE NUMBER (space) CANDIDATE INDEX NUMBER (space) SMART IDENTIFICATION CARD NUMBER and sending to 8885555 for DST customers or 38666 for Progresif customers.

Successful registration will be notified via SMS at no cost.

SMS exam results will only be sent to registered students once the results are released.

Students will be charged BND1 for each SMS exam result received, and are advised to ensure they have sufficient fund.

Contact Mach Telecommunications System Sdn Bhd via email at [email protected] for inquiries and information.