Referee urges locals to take FIBA exam

|    James Kon   |

THE Brunei Basketball Association (BBA) needs to get local basketball referees to be ready for the next FIBA (International Basketball Federation) referee examination in 2021 by staying abreast on FIBA rules and regulation of basketball as well as maintaining good fitness.

The advice comes from FIBA referee instructor Ferdinand “Bong” Pascual who is in the country to conduct the FIBA Asia Referee Clinics 2019 that ends today at the BBA.

In an interview, Pascual said, “Last May, the FIBA referee examination took place and Brunei didn’t send any candidate to the examination so I am here to prepare the local referees for the next FIBA examination that will take in 2021. The examination takes place every two year.”

On the three-day clinic, he said “the participants will learn about rule and interpretation, mechanic, communication, positioning and three persons officiating.”

Before becoming FIBA referee instructor, Pascual was a Philippines national referee from 1997 and then become a FIBA referee in 2002. He has vast experience in officiating high level games. The first game that he officiated as a FIBA referee was the Brunei Barracuda’s ASEAN basketball league match in Brunei Darussalam.

He said,”It is not an easy job for referees especially in big matches. Be smart but not arrogant. Smart means knowing the rules and interpretation, talk to the players and coaches. It is important for referees to educate players and the coaches. Referees should know the entire rule and apply into the court.”

In reducing complaints from referee calls, he said, “Coaches and players always argue about referee calls because they don’t know the rules and regulation of FIBA. Maybe one day, spectators and coaches can attend clinic like this. In other places, we invited coaches to referee clinics so that they will know the rules so this will reduce complaints.”

On the important attribute of being a good referee, he said, “They are discipline, attitude, positioning, communication to players and coaches. It is also important for referees to enjoy refereeing. I have three children and changed jobs from working in a hospital to become a full time referee because I really enjoy refereeing.”

Pascual will be flying to Vietnam today then to Cambodia and Laos.

FIBA referee instructor Ferdinand ‘Bong’ Pascual in a group photo during FIBA Asia Referee Clinics 2019. – JAMES KON