Ready your tastebuds for chicken burgers

Rokiah Mahmud

KFC is introducing the new Zinger Stacker and the return of the Zinger Cheezilla.

KFC Zinger, made with 100 per cent chicken meat, is double hand-breaded with hot and spicy herbs and spices; resulting in a juicy and crunchy chicken fillet especially with the new Zinger Stacker and Zinger Cheezilla.

The Zinger Stacker comes with two Hot & Spicy Zinger fillet, served with a dollop of Jalapeno Cheese and Mayo, a slice of cheddar and fresh lettuce between a toasted sesame seed bun.

The Zinger Cheezilla is a combination of Hot & Spicy Zinger fillet stacked with mozzarella cheese patty fries.

“We are obsessed with making the best fried chicken and when it comes to chicken burgers, KFC does it best with our Zinger range. Our chicken and burgers are freshly prepared in-store,” said KFC Brunei General Manager Ooi Tiat Huay.

“The Zinger Stacker and Zinger Cheezilla are iconic creations specially brought in, while the Zinger Cheezilla was a big hit and sell-out when it was launched two years ago,” he added.

KFC Zinger Stacker and Zinger Cheezilla. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR