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RBC’s Central Kitchen receives international recognition

Izah Azahari

The Asia Pacific Division (APD) of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) recently awarded the development project of Royal Brunei Culinary’s (RBC) Central Kitchen as one of the winners of its inaugural Project Excellence initiative.

RBC’s Central Kitchen is one of the largest central production facilities in the country.

Hospitality Total Services (HTS) Australia, a professional member of FCSI provided design master planning for the project.

The work involved moving from four separate production facilities comprising in-flight catering, healthcare, restaurant and bakery into one modern commissary kitchen.

The objective of RBC’s project was to maximise its production efficiencies through supply chain optimisation. Equipment was selected towards efficient production and ease of operation.

RBC Senior Manager and Project Manager of the Central Kitchen development project Alvin Voon said, “It is a great honour for RBC’s Central Kitchen to receive this recognition, made even more special as it was awarded by experts in the international food service industry.

This is a credit to the hard work put in by all the stakeholders involved in ensuring this project was a success”.

As the Sultanate’s largest central production facility, the project helped RBC improve its production yield on a significant scale.

The award winning Central Kitchen. PHOTO: RBC
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