RB prioritises safety with new project

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) has pledged that “safety is the core of RB’s values, and it is the duty as the national carrier to instil the culture of safety at the highest level”, said its CEO Haji Khalidkhan bin Haji Asmakhan.

He made the statement during the launch of Project Iltizam, which aims to enhance safety awareness and accountability by its Engineering Department at Brunei International Airport yesterday.

The RB CEO added, “We as RB need to reflect the commitment to walk the talk when practising safety at every aspect and assuring the integrity of the business.”

Under the project, new safety signages and posters have been introduced as well as a QR code card that directs staff to an online reporting form making it convenient for reporting of any safety issues throughout the department.

Senior Vice President of Engineering Haji Badarudin bin Haji Bagol said, “Over the past decades, successes in aviation and safety have come a long way, but the landscape continues to change. Hence, we must ensure a high level of safety as the industry and technology continue to evolve.

“Project Iltizam is exactly that – a selected group of people picked to lead and champion our safety initiatives. The team has been working on initiatives and projects to highlight what we can do to elevate safety in our industry, especially in engineering.”

RB’s Engineering Department carries the new motto ‘Our Safety, Our Iltizam’, in which Iltizam means commitment and determination.

RB CEO Haji Khalidkhan bin Haji Asmakhan with members from the management and Engineering Department. PHOTO: RB