RB Harapan initiative sets sight on 50 school visits this year

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) has commenced the RB Harapan initiative to support the development and learning of schoolchildren in the country, with enriching educational experiences at the RB Campus and Hangar.

RB is looking to welcome 50 schools over the year with the platform to supplement and broaden education for students through technical visits and sharing sessions at RB facilities. The students will be able to learn from engineers, cabin crew, pilots and administrative and managerial staff on the functions and duties they perform.

It is hoped that information gained by the students – as the next generation of the country’s talent and drivers of economic growth – will nurture their interest in the various career opportunities available, and further ignite their passion in learning when in pursuit of future career aspirations.

Through the school visits, RB female staff will deliver talks as an empowering figure in their line of work and to attract female students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects for their higher education. This is in line with the steps RB is taking to achieve greater gender diversity in the workplace, following the airlines’ commitment to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) ‘25 by 2025’, a voluntary campaign for IATA member airlines to strengthen female representation in the aviation industry by 25 per cent or up to a minimum of 25 per cent by 2025.

RB hopes the initiative will contribute towards achieving the Brunei Vision 2035, particularly in realising the first goal of an educated, highly skilled and accomplished people.

ABOVE & BELOW: Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) Chief Executive Officer Captain Haji Khalidkhan bin Haji Asmakhan speaks to students; and students making a wall mural. PHOTOS: RB

RB Chief Executive Officer Captain Haji Khalidkhan bin Haji Asmakhan said, “This initiative provides us with the unique opportunity to engage the young minds of Brunei and Insya Allah, inspire them to one day realise their dreams of working in their desired careers”. He added, “Hopefully, that will drive them to work hard in their studies, become passionate about what they are learning and ignite a healthy desire to contribute to our country’s future.”

During these visits, students from primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational schools will have the opportunity to visit RB’s modern administrative and technical facilities including its B787 Dreamliner and A320 mock-up airplane, grooming room for cabin crew, training areas, engineering workshops, Collaboration Hub and Heritage Gallery.

The sharing sessions, conducted by RB team from a variety of job functions, will help the students understand the industry, expectations of the job market, skills and competencies required and how this relates to their future career selection. The objective is to allow the students to reach out directly to a working professional with any questions they may have.

Since introducing RB Harapan at the start of this year, the national carrier has received over 250 students and 27 teachers from six educational institutions in January and February.

To commemorate each visit, the students are invited to take part in RB’s wall mural art project, which started in December last year. The wall mural is housed at the RB Campus and aims to be a fixture that the students can take pride in for contributing to their national airline.