Rare Stink Lily blooms in Brunei

Lyna Mohamad

A rare species of flora growing naturally in a house compound in Kampong Lumapas has attracted the attention of many after the photo of the flower went viral on social media last Sunday.

Known as the Stink Lily (Amorphpophallus Paeoniifoluis) or Bunga Bangkai, it produces a strong and unpleasant odour similar to that of a decaying flesh upon blossoming.

According to owner of the flower Asnan bin Rabaha, it is rare and unique due to the shape and size of the flower and it only blooms, in average once a year with the life span of around seven days before it withers. An employee in the private sector, Asnan spends his time going into the jungle to collect medicinal plants to grow in his house compound.

One day he went to look for a plant called Pohon Jantang and brought one home.

He added that the plant did not grow well and withered after which another plant grew on the same spot.

Bungai Bangkai or Stink Lily. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR
Asnan bin Rabaha, owner of the Stink Lily plant.

However, seeing the tree was not beneficial, he cut it off and months later, the Stink Lily grew on the spot.

After almost a year, the flower bloomed in deep purple colour despite releasing a rotten smell. The colour changes to maroon after seven days before it dies and will only blossom again roughly between eight to 10 months.

Since its presence, the single plant has grown to several more plants around the flower but so far only the first growing tree produces the flower.

This is the third time that the plant bore the flower after almost a year. The roots of the plant produces a potato-like plant in the shape of wild mushrooms and is believed to have medicinal properties.

In Indonesia the plant has been commercialised as the fruits from the plant are processed as a medicinal and herb product with demand in the market and are sought after by locals and foreigners, shared Asnan.